TectoDeck MD5 Multideck cabinet - Page 3

New level of performance
and efficiency
TectoDeck MD5 is a new space-efficient
multideck combining high performance with
energy efficiency, space efficiency and many
other customer benefits. These include integral
door design and a new lighting solution for optimal product visibility. Focus has been placed
on making the cabinet easy to install, clean and
service putting total efficiency at the centre of
our design philosophy. TectoDeck MD5 is
designed based on the opinnion of our customers and Viessmann’s requirements for topclass quality and performance.
Space-efficient design
TectoDeck MD5 has a space-efficient bottom
evaporator design delivering up to 23% more
product volume for the same floor space compared to back wall evaporator cabinets. Product
volume is not compromised by space efficiency
and the different-sized alternatives make this
the optimum cabinet for small store formats,
as well as larger stores in need of maximum
product volume.
High performance and great
energy efficiency
The door version of TectoDeck MD5 delivers
optimised performance for product temperatures and the highest energy efficiency, even in
the toughest of conditions. This 3M0 classified
door cabinet reduces energy consumption by
up to 77% compared to open cabinets during
store opening hours. The open version of TectoDeck MD5 is no stranger to high performance
and energy efficiency either. It is available in
a 3M1 high-performance version or a 3M2
energy-optimised version. Viessmann’s unique
new evaporator solution prevents icing in the
evaporator, delivering secured temperature performance even in the toughest of conditions.
Both the door and open versions of the cabinet
naturally have Viessmann’s unique patented
encore air curtain technology as standard.
Great product visibility
TectoDeck MD5 has a new integrated door
design maximising product visibility and delivering 9% more visible product space compared to earlier door cabinets. Transparent
doors are available as an option for optimised
product visibility. Focus has been placed on
product lighting with LED lights providing
great product visibility and ensuring energy
efficiency. Shelf lighting is positioned at the
front of the shelf for optimal visibility.
Easy to install, clean and service
TectoDeck MD5 has been designed with
installation and everyday use in mind. The
cabinet has an improved design to ensure
fast, accurate and high-quality multiplexing
of cabinet lines. Refrigeration piping installation can easily be done inside the cabinet
and pre-installed piping can be ordered as an
option. Cleaning and servicing has also been
made easier than ever before. All parts necessary for cleaning the cabinet can be removed
without tools, making use of the cabinet easy.
TectoDeck MD5 is also easy to service. Fans
and evaporator are easy to access and fans
can be changed in a few minutes if necessary.
++ Integrated door design
for maximised product
display area
New shelf lighting for
optimised product
Attractive visual quality
Space-efficient design
High shelf load capacity
New unique evaporator
Available in 3M0, 3M1
and 3M2 versions
Easy to install,
clean and service
e-ncore technology minimises the mixing of warm and
cold air.


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