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Two-sided space saver
Changing demographics and busy lifestyles
are shifting shopping habits. While grocery
stores are getting smaller, choice is certainly
not – on the contrary! Viessmann has
responded to the convenience environment
with Tecto MD3 e-Visio, a two-sided
space saver that combines two remote
multidecks into one compact cabinet. In contrast to a traditional back-to back multideck set
up, Tecto MD3 e-Visio gives entirely new
options for exploring unique store layouts and
concepts. Its unique design saves up to 30%
of floor space. With a light see-through
structure and modern looks, Tecto
MD3 e-Visio’s 360° glass surface and depth
of 1460 mm provide the largest possible total
display area and a huge choice of options for
a given space.
Lowering the life cycle costs
Tecto MD3 e-Visio is up to 50% faster
to install than a traditional, one-sided multideck
and requires less plumbing. Viessmann’s
innovative patented e-ncore air curtain technology, all glass doors and EC fans mean that
Tecto MD3 e-Visio is energy efficient;
superior temperature performance maintains
optimal conditions and minimises food waste.
M D 3 E - V I S I O FO R
+ New e-ncore technology
with patented air curtain
+ Optimised usage of floor
+ Maximum product
+ More options for store
layout planning
+ 50% faster to install


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