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Easy and fast in refill
Demand for frozen food is growing
fast, while shop owners are looking for
ways to maintain and further enhance
energy efficiency and productivity.
Tecto IS1 meets these
requirements with ease.
As a result the new Tecto IS1 model
combines energy efficiency, larger
display area and even better product
visibility than before.
Tecto IS1 models are available for 192
units with solid end panels or with a
combination of solid and glass end
panels if needed.
More space with improved
Tecto IS1 is the new member of the
Viessmann’s remote freezer family.
It has new airflow dynamics which
provides even more homogenous temperature distribution inside the product
space than previous freezer islands.
New structure allows larger product
space without increasing energy
Tecto IS1 Maxim
Reliability gained through
vast user base
Tecto IS1 Maxim’s energy efficiency
and reliable technology have convinced customers in several countries for
some time. It is easy and fast to refill,
which saves time and boosts staff
New intergrated lids are easier and
more comfortable for shoppers to use.
This makes the shopping experience
more convenient and product visibility
Tecto IS1 Maxim product family consists of a wide variety of models and
hence is an option also for the stores
with limited space for the frozen food
C H O O S E T E C T O I S 1 FO R
Optimised product visibility
Large product space
Easy re-filling
Reliable performance
C H O O S E T E C T O I S 1 M A X I M FO R
Wide variety of models
Reliable performance
Easy re-filling


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